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Past, Present, Future Survey

  • Mar. 7th, 2005 at 11:14 AM

Start Time:: 11:14 a.m

First grade teacher's name:: Mrs. Dzeik
Last word you said:: hyper - referring to my doggy
Last song you sang: Keith Urban - You're My Better Half
Last thing you laughed at:: i must have short term memory cause the only things i can remember is laughing when Andrew was tickling me Sunday I think ...
Last time you cried:: i dont know ...

What's in your cd player?: the playlist on my computer is a bunch of new songs ( Nothin to Lose - Josh Gracin; You're My Better Half - Keith Urban; Anything But Mine - Kenny Chesney; Baby Girl - Sugarland; etc etc)
What color socks are you wearing?: white
What's under your bed?: lots of random things
What time did you wake up today?: 9:45 a.m

Current hair:: ponytail
Current clothes:: shorts, soccer pants over them, andrews white shirt, andrews best buy shirt over it
Current annoyance:: ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Current longing:: to be held by the one I love the most, and to fall asleep in his arms
Current desktop picture:: me and andrew at the semi
Current favorite music artist:: anything mostly country
Current book:: none
Current hate:: idk ...
Story behind your username:: yam (nickname) 102284 (birthday)
Current favorite article of clothing:: soccer pants and andrews white shirt

Line from the last thing you wrote to someone::  "I love you so much sweetie" -- text msg to Andrew  
I am happiest when:: i'm with andrew and my friends
I feel lonely when:: i'm by myself
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?: someplace tropical maybe -- at least someplace with no snow
Famous person you have met:: no one
Do you have any regrets?: nope

Favorite smell:: jasmine, winter candy apple, cherry blossom
Favorite way to waste time:: sit at my computer, watch TV
Are in currently in love/lust?: in love with my everything  
What's the craziest thing you have ever done?: getting kicked out of price chopper
Any bad habits?: plenty ...
Do you find it hard to trust people?:  yea ... but that has changed/is changing everyday ...
Last thing you bought yourself:: soda yesterday on my way home
Bath or shower?: shower

Favorite season:: spring
Favorite color:: pink or light purple
Favorite flavor:: tulips or roses
Favorite time of day:: nighttime
Gold or silver?: silver

Do you wear a watch?: nope
Favorite stores:: old navy, bath and body works
How big is your closet?: okay size
Ever spend more then $200 in a store?: no

Do your friends know everything about you?: just about
What do they tend to be like?: supportive -- good advice -- always there
Can you count on them?: yup
Can they count on you?: yup

Book you read:: idk
Last movie you saw:: Corky Romano  
Movie you saw on the big screen:: Constantine in Claremont with Andrew, Steph, & Kyle
Show you watched on tv:: i'm watching The View right now
Song you heard:: baby girl -- by Sugarland
Thing you had to drink:: IBC root beer last night
Thing you ate:: apple last night
Time you showered:: i'm about to shower after this
Time you smiled:: this morning when i woke up and saw the msg from Andrew
Time you laughed:: Sunday morningish
Person you hugged:: grandparents
Person you talked to online:: Justine
Person you talked to on the phone:: Andrew

Sleep with stuffed animals? my froggy and build a bear and pink elephant  
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: no
Play an instrument?: used to play the flute
Believe there is life on other planets?:  sure why not
Read the newspaper?: when i'm at home
Believe in miracles?: yea
Consider yourself tolerant?: sometimes
Consider police a friend or foe?: both
Like the taste of alchohol?: yea, depends though
Believe in astrology?: yea
Believe in magic?: some
Go to church?: no
Have any pets?: yup, dog, cat, 2 birds and the best betta fish in the world, Spaz  
Go or plan to attened college?: i am in college
Have any piercings?: yup, ears
Have any tattoos?: yup, ankle
Wish on stars?: sometimes
Like your handwriting?: no
Believe in witches?: yup
Believe in ghosts?: yup
Believe in Santa? no
Believe in the easter bunny?: no
Believe in the tooth fairy?: no
Sing in the shower?: when there is music

End Time:: 11:30 a.m


... it's in his arms <3 XoXo

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